Nacionalni centar za sertifikaciju dodatnih kvalifikacija Beograd

National Centre for Certification of Additional Qualifications Belgrade

About us

The National Centre for Certification of additional qualifications of Belgrade (NCCAQ Belgrade) is one of the partners in the process of promoting lifelong learning and encouraging the ability to obtain new and confirmed existing skills between persons, educational institutions, educational center of professional organizations and employers.
NCCAQ Belgrade is a member of the Union of employers of Serbia.
Since June 2017. , NCCAQ Belgrade became the national point for the Slovenian Association of Knowledge Development (ZRZ). Our partner guarantees valid and internationally recognized knowledge certification and offers many examples of good practice.
The result of the certification is the international certification of additional/professional qualifications.


We create a positive value for people and organizations. By promoting lifelong learning we help create new circles in the life and work of individual and organization.
Main objective:
NCCAQ Belgrade is established to achieve objectives in the field of human resources development, maintenance and promotion of knowledge and information in different areas, improving education in the field of lifelong learning at all levels.


Educational Consulting:

Activities that give support to educational processes or systems: educational consulting, advisory activities for directing in education, organizing conferences, testing activities and evaluation of tests, organizing of student Exchange programs.

Research and Development: Flexible Career Network

The project of flexible career networks is a specific connection of flexible learning and on-line classes, but for us in a new way, enabling individuals to be perfected within their capabilities. Therefore, this network of flexible studies is composed of different forms of education and training that are tied to one or more institutions. The bottom line is that the network can have domestic and foreign students and individuals to educate themselves according to their steps of development through special forms called the study Studio. What is characteristic of this network is forming a career center which independently of institutions and organizations of education, follows and valuates the advancement of each individual. The aim of this project is to strengthen the shape of lifelong education in higher education.

Lectures, seminars and/or workshops:

Lectures, seminars and/or workshops are organized independently or in cooperation with our national and international partners. The economy and society for success on the global market generally require quality and useful knowledge, which increases abilities, skills for efficient guidance and management of business processes. Successful companies have long known to maintain a competitive advantage over the others only with real human resources, because the differences between excellent and average enterprises have become minimal.

Certification of additional qualifications:

The system of additional/professional qualifications has been developed as a supplementary system for the regular education system and within national professional qualifications, and provides a significantly faster response to the needs of employers for knowledge, skills and competences. Additional/professional qualifications are based specifically for a designated scope of work, which is recognized by employers as significant and necessary for the realization of a specific task, i.e. a specific business result.